About me


My name is Bolatito, meaning ”How joy Sanctifies Me”. I’m a blogger and a certified nutritionist, I grew up in Nigeria,  I traveled to Dublin in my teenage age. Life in abroad has given me the privilege to showcase my fashion lifestyle. Although, back home in Nigeria I have a great fashion sense because my uncle often sends me clothes from the US back then. In fact, at my young age, I always do my clothes shopping myself. My Mam doesn’t like doing my shopping, she knows I complain if they are not suitable, so she gave up and I took over the shopping trip lol. She is a great Mam at least she provides me money for my shopping…Smiles

My Fashion Blog is to share with you about my personal style and everything related to fashion and my lifestyle. I am obsessed with designer brands. I know it ain’t easy, but I save up for it without breaking the bank lol….. Let me say I am addicted to fashion.

In a nutshell, I can’t do without these two things fitness and baking. OMG,  I love to keep fit and cook healthy nutritious meals, I’m very mindful of what goes down in my stomach, giggles… I have some home workout videos on my youtube channel, the link to my channel is here on my website, please feel free to click the link and watch my videos. I will be sharing some workout pictures at the gym and my baking recipe tips on my blog

Thanks to everyone reading this, I really appreciate your time, and you are always welcome to contact me regarding any questions and ideas. Please kindly follow for more updates on my blog.